Monalisa from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 2

Monalisa’s daughter is serving a ten-year mandatory prison sentence. The guilt and shame Monalisa felt after her daughter’s arrest was paralyzing. She never imagined she’d be a prison mom and jail life seemed like another world to her. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t pray to switch places with her child.

In 2014, Monalisa started Parents With Incarcerated Children, a national support and advocacy group for parents, in hopes to build a community of families that could connect on this emotional issue. After spending time behind bars, living in her daughter’s shoes, this brave mom wants to be able to relate to her daughter as she finishes out her sentence. She also hopes her experience can be a source of support for other parents in similar situations.

The Sheriff believes Monalisa can provide an important perspective as a mother of an incarcerated child and as an advocate for sentence reform, specifically mandatory minimums.