Season 4

Emmanuel was born in Nigeria and came to the United States when he was 6 years old, settling in a poor neighborhood in New Jersey. Emmanuel’s mother worked two jobs in order to put Emmanuel through private high school and private college and to keep him away from the crime on the street.

After graduating with a degree in Sociology, Biology, and Black Studies, Emmanuel started teaching Medical Assistance and Microsoft Office classes to people from the New Jersey inner city. Two years ago, Emmanuel moved his family to California where he earned his Masters in Public Health and then began working with the Department of Public Health as a Public Health Analyst.

He is highly motivated to give back to the community, overcome the barriers that divide rich from poor, and help African Americans believe in their ability to succeed. Emmanuel believes the key to breaking the negative cycle of criminality amongst African-American men, especially youth, is for leaders like him to foster education, positive self-perception, and a culture of respect within the African-American community. He hopes that by spending 60 days in jail, he will finally be able to convince young people that he truly knows what they have been through and convince them that it is possible to overcome all obstacles and build a better future.

Colonel Adger believes Emmanuel’s extensive experience in public health will bring a unique perspective to the program and hopes Emmanuel can provide an in-depth analysis of the health and safety of his facility.