Season 7

“Carlos” is a former gang member turned cross-country truck driver. Although he was raised in a strict household, he joined a local gang because he was drawn into the familial aspect of the group and he believed it gave him purpose.

After a short stint in county jail, “Carlos” still returned to the gang lifestyle. Eventually he was sentenced to three years in prison for criminal possession of a weapon. When young “Carlos” first arrived at the prison, he was forced to grow up quickly and find ways to protect himself at all costs.

What helped “Carlos” turn his life around was the older “lifers” whose influence helped him realize he never wants to return to prison. “Carlos” was released ten years ago and disassociated with the gang.

Today, he is happily married to his high school sweetheart and has three children. “Carlos” wants to go inside to teach and mentor younger gang members that gang-life isn’t the way. He wants them to pick up a book before picking up a gun.