Season 8

Jacob has a unique perspective of the criminal justice system because he’s seen it from both sides. He’s had family members work in corrections and law enforcement, as well as loved ones who’ve served time behind bars. Jake believes in law and order but thinks jails should be a place of rehabilitation instead of punishment.

Jacob was born to humble beginnings in Columbus, OH to teenage parents. Many of his friends sold and used drugs, but Jacob was never tempted. He’d heard horror stories about being incarcerated and never wanted to jeopardize his freedom. Jacob’s dad worked at the state prison for several years, but got into some legal trouble and spent six months in jail. Jacob, a high school senior at the time, was devastated that his dad missed out on major milestones in his life—his senior football season and high school graduation. The two have spent years trying to repair their relationship, and although they are close today, a lot has gone unsaid.

Now a father himself, Jacob wants to go undercover to better understand what his dad experienced while locked up. Jacob hopes this experience will finally bring closure to that painful time in their lives. This 60 Days In superfan is confident he can navigate jail seamlessly. His only fear about going undercover is being courted by a gang. Jacob is engaged, has two young children and, in his free time, he manages professional boxers.