Season 8

Kendra turned her trauma into her life’s work and is on a mission to arm women with the tools to defend themselves and be the protector that she never had. A sex trafficking survivor, Kendra initially felt abandoned by the people and systems that were supposed to protect her. She is going undercover to support other incarcerated survivors who have been failed by the system.

Raised in a militant household, Kendra was constantly at odds with her mom and became emancipated at 15 years old. She turned to the streets for survival and was briefly incarcerated for shoplifting. At 18 years old, Kendra was drugged, kidnapped and sex trafficked by two women she befriended at the nightclub she was working at. She escaped after three months in captivity.

Today, Kendra is the founder of the survival-led non profit, Liberation Team, which rescues trafficked victims, provides rehabilitation and empowerment to survivors, and offers self defense and firearms courses. Kendra also trains law enforcement on how to detect trafficking and how to treat survivors with empathy. Her full time job is working as an executive protection agent for high profile clients. Kendra is the loving mom of two sons and enjoys working out and riding her motorcycle.