Season 4

The perennial odd one out, Stephanie is one of the few people in her family to have never been arrested, and she is the only person in her immediate family to graduate high school.

Disheartened by a five-year rift with her older brother, Stephanie yearns for the respect and acceptance of her family. Stephanie fails to understand why many of her cousins aren’t able to be productive citizens and instead choose the high-risk life of fast money and drug dealing that causes them to lose their freedom time and time again. This experience might be the only way to finally connect with her family and build a positive and loving relationship she’s always dreamed about.

Stephanie wants to join this program in order to prove to them all that she is strong enough to survive jail and finally gain some insight into the struggles her family members have experienced.

Colonel Adger believes Stephanie’s composed demeanor will help her maintain her cover while in jail. She will not be shocked when it comes to criminal behavior allowing her to quickly pick up on any dangerous criminal activity.