Tangie aka "Trinity"

Season 7

Tangie was raised by her grandmother while her mom was in and out of prison. At age 16, Tangie worked a job so she could put money on her mom’s books. With her grandmother’s support, Tangie earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Unfortunately, her dreams of being a chemistry teacher were derailed when she got charged with aggravated robbery.

Although she only spent a week in jail, the experience was life changing and she continues to face incarceration-related obstacles eight years later. This inspired Tangie to start her coaching business “Felon to Phenomenal” to help people find employment and rebuild relationships after their release. She is also working on getting her teaching certification and is a successful DJ.

Tangie is entering the program to use the voice she’s been given. As a spoken word poet, she hopes to influence fellow female inmates to see themselves outside the walls of incarceration, and as humans who are better than just being a statistic. To rise above the confines of jail, the charges that they have, do their time productively, and return to society a better person.