Dontae aka "Darius"

Season 7

Dontae grew up as a military brat who moved every few years and got into some trouble as a teen. In his early twenties, Dontae served almost ten years in prison for armed robbery. While incarcerated Dontae knew he had to change his outlook on life, or he wouldn’t survive the rest of his sentence. He joined educational programs and read books to learn how to be financially successful in the real world.

When Dontae was released, he was determined to start his own business. Today, Dontae is a successful online reseller and shares his expertise and life experience on his YouTube channel Prison2Profit. He believes most people are incarcerated for financially-motivated crimes like selling drugs or robbery, and his mission is to teach inmates ways to be financially stable on the outside to prevent them from returning to a criminal lifestyle.

Dontae is a new father and met his newborn son upon his release from the program.