Season 3

One of five girls, Mauri credits her single mother’s ambition and support for her own success. Despite growing up poor, her mother was eventually able to obtain her degree and show her girls that there are no limitations if you are determined to succeed. Filled with the same ambition, Mauri put her education above all else. She received an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice and was recently accepted into a Social Work Masters Program.

While in college, Mauri worked three years as a correctional officer in a men’s maximum security facility. As CO, Mauri was shocked by how many incarcerated men and women suffer from mental illness and are on medications while serving out their time behind bars. Mauri was inspired to pursue social work after her time spent working in prison. She has continued to be fascinated by the role mental health issues play within the system, and this program will be the best research for her Masters Degree. Mauri is determined to be part of the solution when it comes to prison reform and mental health.

With Mauri’s training as a CO, the Colonel is eager to have her ingratiate herself within the facility and both observe the officer’s behavior and training as well as observe the mental state of the other inmates.