Brooke from season 5 of 60 Days In


Season 5

As the family member of an addict, Brooke will identify user behavior while making deep connections with inmates to try to help disrupt the cycle of females getting arrested.

Brooke grew up in a small town in Ohio that is a major stop on opioid trafficking routes. By the time she was in high school, she saw families break apart and many people go to jail. Born into a military and law enforcement family, Brooke was taught to have unwavering respect for the law and to disassociate herself from those who don’t.

When a close family member got hooked on painkillers after an accident, Brooke severed their relationship for more than 10 years. Not wanting to be in the midst of the opioid crisis any longer, Brooke left her hometown after high school graduation and has since created a life with her husband in a city hundreds of miles away. She is politically active, a competitive shooter, avid hunter, fisherman and falconer.

Although Brooke never wore the badge, she always said that if she joined law enforcement, she would like to work undercover. Brooke believes that the prison system is too soft and criminals should face harsher penalties. She is eager to see how this experience might change or solidify her beliefs.

The Sheriff has tasked Brooke with the mission of evaluating the drug situation inside the facility. Having grown up in a hub of the drug epidemic, Brooke is confident in her ability to speak the language, connect with addicts and gain valuable intel for the Sheriff. She is committed to helping the Sheriff make the jail more secure, while also improving the lives of the inmates.