Ashleigh from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 2

Ashleigh’s mother introduced her to alcohol when she was only 10 years old and by the time she was a teenager her addiction was out of control. She finally got clean after an overdose landed her in the hospital and now she has been sober four years.

Ashleigh’s behavior could have easily landed her behind bars for several months and she wants to face the harsh reality that could have been her life. She expects to meet other women with stories similar to her own and would like to help those inmates who are struggling with addiction. At the same time, being constantly surrounded by women who remind her of her old life will be challenging. Ultimately, Ashleigh plans to pursue a career in social work or drug/alcohol rehabilitation and she sees this as a unique and inspiring start.

The Sheriff believes that Ashleigh’s past will help her relate to the multiple women in the unit who are struggling with addiction or incarcerated for DUIs. And as Zac’s wife, she could report on whether some of the Sheriff’s solutions to problems Zac identified are fixing the issues.