Quintin from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 2

Quintin is a recently retired State Police Captain and currently works as a licensed private investigator and bounty hunter. He is a strong believer in the criminal justice system, and feels it is his duty to protect his community.

Between his 29 years on the police force and his new bounty-hunting career, Quintin has helped put many people behind bars. Now, he’d like to come full circle and understand the fate he has sentenced to so many.

Quintin is highly competitive, and says he will have to “pump the brakes” on his strong-willed personality once inside. He has seen many facilities in the past and is eager to learn how this facility functions and what, if anything, they let their inmates get away with while behind bars.

The Sheriff believes Quintin’s professional experience is invaluable and that he will provide a thorough assessment of Clark County Jail.