Season 3

Jessica was raised in a rough neighborhood outside of Washington DC and worked hard to get where she is today. She currently owns her own revenue management company. Jessica believes her experience growing up in a rough neighborhood will help her connect with the women inside the jail, and she aspires to motivate her fellow inmates to reinvent themselves.

Jessica met her husband on an inmate pen pal site, and she was shocked at how institutionalized he was when he got released. After a decade behind bars, he was struggling to reintegrate. His “inmate-like” behavior has been a strain on their relationship. Jessica is determined to understand where these behaviors and instincts of his come from in order to help him and others, who recently released, reintegrate into society. Jessica believes this program will help her relate to her husband and strengthen their marriage. Jessica is confident she can blend in with the other females and is not afraid to take notes in order to reveal to the Colonel what is really going on inside his facility.

The Colonel believes Jessica’s relationship will be an asset to her while inside and hopes she can inspire the female inmates to turn their lives around once released.