Sarah aka "Sara"

Season 8

From drug addiction to PTA soccer mom, Sarah had a spiritual awakening that jump started her recovery journey. Now, she is on a mission to advocate for individuals in active addiction who have been failed by the criminal justice system, and inspire them to get and stay sober, and recreate their life.

Sarah had a challenging upbringing – her parents divorced when she was young and she was forced to grow up quickly and care for her younger siblings. Through it all, she maintained good grades in school, but would experiment with drugs on the weekend. By the age of 14, Sarah was in full-blown addiction after a family friend introduced her to meth. Over the next ten years, Sarah experienced abuse, homelessness, drug raids, and numerous arrests.

After a decade in active addiction, Sarah got clean behind bars. Today, she is celebrating eight years of sobriety, she has her own clothing line and shares her story on social media to promote recovery, body positivity and motherhood. Sarah is passionate about entrepreneurship, and coaches people on how to run an online business. She works for a beauty and wellness brand, and is happily engaged with a family of six children. She is volunteering for 60 Days In to show other women that jail can be a turning point in their lives. She hopes to inspire others by sharing her redemption story.