Steve from season 5 of 60 Days In


Season 5

As a Private Investigator, Steve is confident he will gain the respect of inmates quickly, and stealthily gather intel for the Sheriff on all three Missions. In the event that the Sheriff’s other, non-professional volunteers fall short, Steve is the fail-safe.

Steve is a fearless private investigator who has seen and done just about everything since he started in the field nearly 30 years ago. His company investigates all kinds of cases, including ones surrounding crimes relating to drugs, sex, theft and infidelity. Through the ever-changing demands of his career, Steve has found himself on both sides of the law, giving him a dynamic and unique perspective.

Not only does Steve run his own company and a few groups of local investigators, he is also the founder of Fight Club, a non-profit organization he created in honor of his mother, that teaches self-defense classes to those who are victims of domestic abuse. His work as a PI and with his non-profit allows him to provide outcomes that make people feel safer, something he feels passionate about.

The Sheriff has assigned Steve a mission including all three objectives: evaluating gangs, drugs and jail operations. Confident that his extensive work and life experience will help him fulfill his dynamic mission, Steve says he will approach this as just another case that needs his attention.