Matt from 60 Days In Season 6


Season 6

Having grown up in a suburban military family and served in the Marine Corps for four years, Matt is tough on crime and loves a good mission. Since season one, this “60 Days In” superfan has imagined himself going into jail undercover and has even dreamt up strategies for blending in with the inmate population. He’s prepared for older, seasoned inmates to ruffle him up, but he’s confident he’ll stand his ground and embrace his “fresh-meat” status.

Matt believes that criminals are often glorified on TV and says that breaking the law is a choice with consequences. Although he’s never been to jail, Matt is confident his experience in the Marine Corps will be an asset, as it has been for past Marines in the program. His strategy is to fly under the radar and prove that the system is creating more criminals than it is deterring them.

A married father of one and a property inspector, much of Matt’s work is identifying properties that are not up to code. He’s eager to be the eyes and ears for the Etowah County Sheriff to assess what’s in need of improvement at the facility.