Season 3

Michelle is currently working in Property Management, but she has been interested in the Criminal Justice field all her life. She has taken various classes on Criminal Justice and Criminal Law.

Michelle raised her only daughter, Symone, by herself. Symone’s father was incarcerated throughout Michelle’s pregnancy and afterwards. Ultimately, Michelle and Symone ended their relationship with him and moved to make a clean start.

The pull toward Criminal Justice intensified for Michelle when the crime rate started to surge in her own neighborhood. Michelle is frustrated with the system and its unfair and uneven punishment. She questions why those with nonviolent drug offenses get longer sentences than murderers or child abusers. Michelle is ready to harness her frustration and find out how she can help. This program would be her first step. She hopes to connect with women inside through creating positive activities so they know there is more to life than four concrete walls.

The Colonel respects Michelle’s passion for the Criminal Justice System, and he hopes as a newcomer she will be able to offer fresh observations about The Fulton County Jail