Maryum from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 1

As a Social Worker in gang prevention, Maryum is passionate about preventing youth from committing crimes, joining gangs and going to jail. But unfortunately, Maryum knows some kids see doing time as a right of passage. She hopes this program will show her why incarceration is so powerful to inner-city kids. She also hopes to learn what kind of resources there are inside for inmates.

Born and raised in Chicago, Maryum is the eldest of Muhammad Ali’s nine children. Her father was prone to humanitarian acts of all kinds and she has followed in his footsteps.

Maryum has fifteen years of experience in delinquency prevention and youth development and has worked in many capacities in this field; from having direct practice experience with over 300 families to working in the Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development in Los Angeles.

She is disappointed by the inequalities that exist within the criminal justice system; she believes the punishment should fit the crime; and she feels that jails should have effective resources for real rehabilitation. As someone who is dedicated to improving the system, the Sheriff sees Maryum’s insight into social issues as invaluable to his project.