Season 3

Jon started in law enforcement at the age of 21 because he wanted to help people and serve his country. In 2001, he spent one year working as a Deputy Sheriff of Jail Operations in Kansas. Then he worked for the Department of Justice as a U.S. Marshal and a Detention Enforcement Officer for the Immigration and Naturalization service for 4 years. He also served in the US Army and Kansas Army National Guard for nine years as a Medic and an Officer. After being discharged, Jon continued to work in the healthcare field first at a nearby hospital and then at a trauma center.

Jon is a veteran and former law enforcement agent who became disenchanted with the system and now wants to dedicate his professional life to civil-rights activism. With his new MBA which he earned last year, Jon plans on starting a nonprofit organization in his conservative town. He wants to “walk the walk” and put his words into action, starting by living among a population he once put behind bars but now wants to serve.

The Colonel is excited to have someone with Jon’s extensive background in law enforcement enter his facility and offer a thorough assessment of The Fulton County Jail.