Mark from season 5 of 60 Days In


Season 5

Mark is a former Corrections Officer and Military Intelligence Officer who hopes to help the Sheriff ensure his jail is running well. Being a “60 Days In” super fan, he believes his knowledge of past seasons will help him survive and thrive.

Mark was born and raised in Atlanta and grew up in a military family. Inspired by his father and grandfather, Mark served in the Army for thirteen years. He specialized in Human Intelligence and participated in undercover operations.

For a brief period, Mark also worked as a correctional officer. During this time, he adopted a certain perception of criminals—however, he began to rethink things when a close family member of his own went to prison. His loved one is currently serving a 10-year sentence, a situation which further motivates Mark to do this program and understand what incarceration really feels like.

Now a successful real estate agent and family man, Mark is a diehard “60 Days In” fan. He has watched every episode of the series. Knowing the ins and outs of past seasons, Mark feels like he has a leg up on what to expect. He will use past participants’ successes and failures as a road map on the inside.

The sheriff has tasked Mark with evaluating jail operations within his facility. Based on his undercover work in the military and super fan knowledge, Mark is confident in his ability to blend in, observe the way things are running and report back with intel that can help make the facility operate more smoothly and securely.