Season 3

Calvin studied social work in college and worked as a case manager with Child Protective Services. It was a stressful job and many of the kids he worked with had a parent behind bars or ended up criminals themselves. He also saw former inmates lose their parental rights. This only intensified Calvin’s desire to work with at-risk youth. He became a certified teacher and began working as a tutor for kids requiring extra attention.

Calvin is currently an 8th grade teacher at a local Public School. After participating in this project, he hopes he’ll be able to relate to his students on a deeper level and he thinks it may even shock them into changing their own behaviors and patterns. His mission is to teach kids that if you want to achieve your goals, you cannot turn to violence and that a criminal background will be a giant roadblock.

The Colonel values Calvin’s passion and eagerness to improve the system for the sake of the next generation and recognizes that this is a needed lens to view and critique his facility.