Alex from 60 Days In Season 6


Season 6

Alex is a political science major and “60 Days In” superfan. Born and raised in a conservative Georgia town, he had a relatively sheltered childhood and currently lives at home with his parents. After college, Alex is considering a career in politics. Doing this program will allow Alex to expand his knowledge of the criminal justice system outside of what he learns from textbooks and TV shows.

Having watched every episode of the series, Alex thinks going to jail will be a nice reprise from the stresses of college life. Alex is an avid online gamer with a passion for survival games – he’s eager to see if his online role-playing will prove fruitful when he goes behind bars for 60 days.

Leaving the comforts of his parents’ home will be a challenge, but he’s out to prove that he can stand on his own two feet and survive 60 days behind bars without calling his mom to bail him out.