Jeff from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 1

During his time doing security work in Nevada casinos, Jeff encountered, detained, and cuffed hundreds of criminals while waiting for the police to arrive. From domestic disputes to counterfeiters to assault, Jeff saw it all – but he always wondered what happened to these people after they were taken to a correctional facility.

Now, Jeff is back home in the Midwest, working security for a major department store, and he’s ready to take the next step in his career and has applied to be a CO. Jeff believes that taking part in the program will help his resume and put him at the head of the class and distinguish him among candidates.

Jeff also has questions about the system and how well it works. He believes not all felons are bad and this experience will open his eyes to the reality of working in corrections.

The Sheriff wants Jeff to participate because he values the point of view of a young man who wants to be the future of corrections. Since he’s not yet part of the system, he’ll provide an honest and critical look.