Barbra from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 1

A military wife and mother of two young children, Barbra has never seen the inside of a jail. But as a teenage mom who has struggled to make ends meet, she thinks she can relate to some of the women inside.

That said, Barbra strongly feels that inmates have it easy behind bars and that taxpayers foot the bill providing them with three square meals a day and a place to sleep, while innocent homeless people struggle to survive with little help. And as a military wife, she sees how hard her husband works to earn his pay and benefits.

If Barbra had it her way, the incarcerated population would be pulling their weight and have mandatory jobs inside to earn the benefits they’re receiving. As a hardworking mom, she thinks she can be a positive influence to the women inside, and show them there’s another way.

The Sheriff thinks that many people in his county feel the same way Barbra does and he is eager for her to see firsthand the improvements he’s made to his jail and get to the bottom of lingering issues.