Season 4

Angele grew up in a rough neighborhood and saw many of her friends and family members cycle through the Criminal Justice System. At the age of 13, Angele’s parents divorced and her mother’s strength became a motivating force for Angele to seek success in life.

While childhood friends were in and out of jail or in gangs, Angele focused her energy on track and field. She earned a full-ride athletic scholarship to college where she was ranked among the top ten internationally for the 400M hurdles. She is currently pursuing a career in writing.

Through this program, Angele hopes to better understand the trauma her friends and family members experienced behind bars in order to help in their rehabilitation and make sure they do not end up back in jail.

Colonel Adger believes Angele will be able to integrate herself into the female zone and potentially build close relationships with the women, giving her unprecedented access to possible illegal activity as well as the genuine needs of the inmates.