Season 4

Jaclin grew up in a high-crime area in Indiana. When she was 17 years old, Jaclin was emancipated after becoming pregnant. When she lost her newborn a year later, she began to live recklessly, getting involved in drugs, and hanging around with the wrong crowd.

Ultimately, she decided to turn her life around and empower herself through education. She earned her undergraduate degree in criminal justice and plans to attend law school in order to become a federal attorney. Now, Jaclin is an outspoken, hard-working paralegal and handles many misdemeanor and felony cases.

Jaclin is used to associating with violent criminals and addicts and knows how to maintain their trust when working with them professionally. As a paralegal planning to attend law school, Jaclin believes this program will help her build a stronger connection to the clients she serves by understanding the process they must endure before they make it to her office. She knows her rights and the rights of those behind bars, and she is determined to see how the law translates into practice.

Given her ambition and passion for criminal law, Colonel Adger believes that Jaclin will take her investigation seriously, keeping an eye on both the inmates and the officers, making sure neither one is being taken advantage of by the system.