Vivian from season 5 of 60 Days In


Season 5

Vivian believes in the system and will bring her military and professional background to bear in investigating Jail Operations for the Sheriff. She will easily gain people’s trust within the pod, allowing her to be privy to key information on the inside.

Vivian had a difficult childhood, with three siblings and a young single mother. From an early age, she learned how to be resilient no matter the challenge. Now a single mom herself, she has worked hard to provide a more carefree life for her son.

A proud, outspoken and patriotic veteran, Vivian spent five years in the Navy and nine years in the Army. Most recently she worked in auditing and has become a social media influencer. Through her work in the military and as a civilian, Vivian has developed an attention to detail, procedure and organization. She believes the criminal justice system should be more strict in order to keep our communities and country safe.

Vivian has a close family member who struggled with an opioid addiction. It was actually a brief trip to jail that finally brought this loved one out from the shadow of addiction—something Vivian is grateful for.

The Sheriff has tasked Vivian with the mission of evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of jail operations within his facility. With little patience for rule-breakers, she can identify system loopholes and weaknesses. Staying extremely focused, as she has been trained to do, she will never lose sight of her objective.