Chris from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 2

Chris’ younger brother got arrested at a young age and it rattled their conservative Southern family and shaped Chris’ views on the system. He feels like jail hardened his brother and that he came out a changed and damaged man. It took his sibling almost two years to get his life straightened out after dealing with drug abuse and homelessness. Chris wants to see firsthand what incarceration looks like for someone like his brother, who made one wrong decision at a young age and paid a hefty price inside of jail and after coming out.

Chris is concerned about the abuse of power within law enforcement and believes incarceration is like caging animals. He feels strongly that there isn’t enough rehabilitation inside and too many people are serving long sentences for petty crimes. Chris would like to be a source of encouragement to the guys inside, however he’s also afraid of being forced to seek protection from people that terrify him.

The Sheriff is interested to hear how the changes he is making within his facility could help people like Chris’s brother.