Rojonah aka "Rose"

Season 7

Rojonah served 30 months in federal prison for tax fraud. The mom of seven experienced a total culture shock when she first went to prison and cried herself to sleep every night. After a few months, Rojonah decided she wouldn’t let prison break her, and she became the “jailhouse lawyer.”

While incarcerated, she became a certified carpenter and earned her paralegal certification. She helped over 20 inmates with their cases—some even had their charges dismissed with Rojonah’s help.

Since her release, she has worked as an entrepreneur and volunteers her document-preparation services to formerly incarcerated people. She has authored several books, including a picture book for children with incarcerated parents.

Rojonah is volunteering to enter the program because she has the institutional knowledge to gain intel from a facility and systemic standpoint. She hopes to expose flaws within the jail staff’s day to day operations, address the needs for the female inmates, and will use her paralegal expertise and education to assist them with the details and difficulties of their cases.