Isaiah from A&E’s 60 Days In


Season 1

Isaiah feels like a part of him was ripped away when his older brother got locked up five years ago. Their family has no idea when he will be released but Isaiah speaks to his brother almost daily – he is his biggest lifeline on this side of the bars.

Isaiah wants to walk in his brother’s shoes and see what life is like beyond what he hears on their phone calls. Isaiah also wants to prove to the world that he is stronger and more disciplined than most people believe him to be.

As a kid, Isaiah always felt he was put in the same category as his mischievous brother – his arrest took a heavy toll on the family and caused Isaiah to make some poor decisions and got him into trouble during high school.

Isaiah has recently turned his life around and does not want to end up like his sibling. He’s eager to better understand his brother’s experience and even be a mentor to kids who have grown up in similar circumstances.