Jazmyn from season 5 of 60 Days In


Season 5

Jazmyn isn’t afraid of conflict and will boldly immerse herself in the pod. Confident she will become friends with the jail’s most difficult inmates, Jazmyn can identify gangs—which the female inmates call “families”—and how they are operating within the jail setting.

Jazmyn was born and raised in New Orleans, and the culture and pulse of the city’s streets run through her veins still. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, she was aware of crime, and has multiple loved ones who have been incarcerated, including her son’s father who recently died in jail. Her strict military veteran father challenged her to enlist in the Army, and despite most people assuming she would fail, she worked hard to prove everyone wrong.

Jazmyn has always had a competitive, confident and fiery personality, but she gained strength, discipline and focus through her six-year service with the military. Through that experience, she met people from all different backgrounds, which expanded her perspective.

Now a radio personality, Jazmyn is pursuing her love for music and entertainment while raising her children as a single mother. Knowing her path could have been different, Jazmyn wants to be a good role model for her two kids and has already worked hard to ensure they can excel in the way she strives to herself.

The Sheriff has assigned Jazmyn the mission of evaluating gangs in the facility. Jazmyn is confident she can get people to talk by settling in and gaining their trust—in order to better understand how the “families” are run. Jazmyn believes her outspoken personality will elicit a positive change.