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Voices Magnified is an original shortform series that spotlights a wide range of people making change in their communities, confronting challenges and bringing people together. This collection of individual viewpoints gives a national spotlight to timely and important conversations about equality, inclusion and social justice occurring across America today.


Faith Roessel: Navajo Lawyer and Educator

A member of the Navajo Nation, Faith Roessel works to educate non-Natives about her people and her culture. As a Navajo woman, lawyer and educator, Faith and her sons started a program to authentically share who the Navajo people are.

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Dig Deeper: Why People Should Learn About Navajo Culture

Navajo lawyer and educator Faith Roessel talks about some of the misconceptions people have about American Indians, her hopes for the next generation of Navajo people and her vision for an ideal future.

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Seantell Campbell: Co-Founder of The Barrio Fridge

Knowing the struggle of people in her community who don't have access to fresh produce, Seantell strives to alleviate the stress of buying fresh fruits and vegetables for her neighborhood.

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Darrielle Carter: Co-Founder of The Barrio Fridge

Darrielle Carter helps provide food for her neighborhood using an app that she created. A self-taught coder, Darrielle hopes to provide the necessary tools for other community fridges to be successful—because she believes that healthy food is not a privilege; it's a human right.

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Dig Deeper: The Barrio Fridge Co-Founders on Feeding Their Community

Seantell Campbell and Darrielle Carter discuss growing up in East Harlem, their own experiences with lacking access to enough healthy food and why they wanted to give back to their community through mutual aid.

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Diana Colin: Political Director for The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

Diana Colin grew up undocumented and unaware of opportunities afforded to her as a California resident. Now working as an advocate for immigrant rights, Colin talks about the program she runs that reaches out to Latino and immigrant voters to increase voting participation.

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Judith Browne Dianis: Executive Director, Advancement Project

Judith Browne Dianis is a Queens-raised civil rights advocate and lawyer who is focused on dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline, which disproportionally impacts Black and brown children. She talks about her vision for schools to use restorative justice where students can take responsibility for their actions, but also receive support from adults and not miss out on educational opportunities.

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Dig Deeper: What Makes Civil Rights Lawyer and Activist Judith Browne Dianis Hopeful

Dianis explains how her parents ignited her interest in social justice at a young age, the highs and lows of her career so far and what makes her hopeful about the future.

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Dr. Yusef Salaam: Author and 'Exonerated Five' Member

As a member of the "Central Park Five"—now known as the "Exonerated Five"—Dr. Yusef Salaam spent six years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He talks about how he turned his anger over what happened to him into action, and the work he's doing with the Innocence Project to make the criminal justice system fairer for everyone.

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Dig Deeper: Dr. Yusef Salaam on Fixing the Criminal 'Injustice' System

Dr. Salaam discusses why he believes the criminal justice system in the United States is stacked against people of color—and how that can be fixed.

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Jalen Thompson: Teen Activist

On the heels of his high school graduation, 17-year-old Missouri native Jalen Thompson organized a rally in his hometown to protest police brutality. 2,000 people—including members of the local police force—participated. The teenage activist talks about how important it is for people to listen to each other, especially when they disagree.

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Dan Brite: Wellness Coordinator

After a shootout in the line of duty left him paralyzed, Colorado detective Dan Brite struggled with depression. Recognizing the need for a change in the culture surrounding police mental health, Brite became a Wellness Coordinator for his department, helping officers and their families overcome the trauma of the profession. He talks about fighting against bias and the role mental health plays in creating a more just police force.

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