Season 8

Brittany has spent the last 13 years serving young people who struggle with behavioral and mental health disorders. A seasoned psychotherapist of nearly seven years, Brittany has worked in an educational setting and as a juvenile probation officer. Brittany is passionate about mental health treatment behind bars and stopping the school to prison pipeline.

Raised in a single parent home, Brittany remembers the struggles her mom endured to support their family. In college, she found her purpose while working with behavioral youth. The job required her to be mentally resilient and Brittany has endured being spit at, punched, and even had her hair pulled out.

Brittany believes jails are a necessary evil that have become holding facilities rather than places of rehabilitation. A problem solver, Brittany’s mission is to assess how Pitt County Jail is addressing mental health needs, and she won’t sugarcoat her findings to the Sheriff. Officers need empathy and trauma training and jail staff and incarcerated individuals should both have access to therapy. There is nothing that scares Brittney about jail—although she is not looking forward to leaving behind the luxuries of home. Outside of work, Brittany enjoys spending time outdoors and meditation.