Season 4

As a police officer, Alan is hurt by the current lack of respect he and his fellow officers are experiencing. He feels the media has turned America against law enforcement, and he wants to remind the country that the police are not bad people, by leading by example and illuminating their humanity.

Alan believes if he can experience and understand the reality of an inmate he will be better equipped when he is patrolling the streets and dealing with teens that are heading down the wrong path. He’s upset that social and racial problems are often pinned on the police, and with the new knowledge he will gain from the program, he plans to guide the younger generation towards a more positive attitude towards law enforcement.

Furthermore, as an officer, Alan deals with correctional officers on a daily basis and is frustrated with their poor training, negative attitude and unprofessionalism. He wants to join this program in order to bring attention to the need for proper training of correctional officers and hopefully convey some of the merit and honor that has been denied police officers over the last few years.

Colonel Adger believes that Alan has the training and experience to be able to identify and expose possible corruption, particularly pertaining to correctional officers as he already interacts with them on a daily basis and is attuned to illegal activity.