Nick aka "Tim"

Season 7

Nick was raised on his family’s cattle farm in rural Georgia and spent Sundays at church. As a kid he stayed out of trouble and enjoyed fishing and swimming in the river. However, when he grew older he succumbed to the allure of fast money and became involved in a multi-state steroid trafficking ring. After years of living a lavish lifestyle he got busted and sent to county jail and eventually federal prison.

After serving almost six years behind bars Nick believes incarceration worked for him. The conditions were so horrific, no amount of money could tempt him to risk losing his freedom again. Today, Nick is a semi-retired heavy machine operator, and is the doting father of a six-year-old son.

Nick is participating in this program to be a voice and advocate on behalf of the inmates, making sure they have what they need to do their time productively. He wants to observe the behavior of the jail staff and report any misconduct or mistreatment towards the inmates and being an OG he hopes to influence inmates to better their lives in any way he can.