Season 4

As a Prison Chaplain, Matt’s innate love of human beings was tested to its limits when he witnessed firsthand how inmates were treated. After years of working as a Chaplain at a State Prison, Matt finally had enough of the administration’s lack of vision and support as well as ongoing inmate manipulation and recidivism, and he resigned his post. This program would allow Matt to jump back into the work he left behind and finally enable him to advocate for human rights and reform in the Criminal Justice System.

Matt holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Philosophy, and advanced academic degrees in Religious Studies and Theology. He is currently working as an Adjunct Professor and Hospice Chaplain helping sick patients and their loved ones peacefully transition. Matt is also a former international level boxer and current MMA Trainer and believes he will be able to protect himself if a confrontation were to occur while inside the facility. His only fear is the safety of his son Andrew, but he is confident Andrew will be able to hold his own inside.

Colonel Adger believes Matt’s experience as a Prison Chaplain would allow him to easily befriend the inmates and put them at ease, giving him access to valuable information that can improve the safety of the facility.