Abner from season 5 of 60 Days In


Season 5

As an ex-convict and former gang member, Abner will blend in easily and gain the trust and respect of everyone inside, allowing him to identify the key players in gang activity.

Abner grew up in a major urban area surrounded by poverty and crime. From a young age, he understood the dynamics of the streets and ultimately found his identity there. After joining a gang as a teenager, Abner started down a path of crime that he regrets to this day.

Abner’s previous crimes landed him in prison on numerous occasions. The last time he was incarcerated, while serving time in solitary confinement, he was given a Bible by a correctional officer—a gesture that changed his life forever. Ending his relationship with the gang and following the path of Christ led Abner to where he is today: a leader in his community doing work he is proud of.

Now a State Chaplain, minister and regular Red Cross volunteer, Abner has had a clean record for over a decade. He works tirelessly to repay the debt he feels he owes to society—spreading the word of God and sharing his story to help others believe that any transformation is possible through faith.

The Sheriff has tasked Abner with evaluating the gang presence within his facility. Abner is totally confident in his ability to embed and quickly pick up on the gang dynamics within. He is eager to use his past to not only help the facility, but also to inspire others who mirror the younger version of himself to turn their lives around too.