Season 3

After high school, Matt served in the Marine Corps for four years. He was the honor graduate in his boot camp class, was promoted quickly and ultimately became an E5 Sergeant in the Infantry. As a self-proclaimed rebel, Matt has been in many situations that could have ended in his arrest, and although he has never been violent or criminal, he was lucky enough to never get caught. Now, years later, after serving as a Marine, overcoming his youthful tendencies towards risky behavior and building a stable life for himself, he believes he’s ready to face the fate that could have easily been his.

Matt supports law enforcement, but he thinks the system needs a reality check. He believes if you’ve committed a serious crime, you should do your time. However, Matt knows that locking up non-violent drug offenders often does more harm than good. He believes that although people become sober while inside, they then go straight back to using drugs once released, which most likely leads them right back behind bars. Matt wants to join the program in order to shed a light on the lack of resources for addicts inside, investigate the lack of professionalism among the officers and examine the issues surrounding veterans suffering from PTSD and the treatments offered to them.

The Colonel believes Matt’s past will help him relate to the men inside struggling with addiction and help discover how illegal substances are entering the facility.