Ashley from 60 Days In Season 6


Season 6

A small-town Texas Police Officer and a Sergeant in the Army National Guard, Ashley loves her community and is committed to serving and protecting it. While Ashley believes in incarceration, she is concerned with the lack of rehabilitation inside correctional facilities across the country.

As an undercover inmate, Ashley will be on a mission to help improve the Etowah County Detention Center from the inside, and she’ll focus her efforts on identifying unreported misconduct amongst both inmates and officers. Having seen every episode of “60 Days In,” Ashley considers herself a superfan of the show. She is confident in her ability to navigate life behind bars and prove she is a valuable resource to the Sheriff.

Ashley is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and will use her education to continue serving her community. Ashley is on a journey to figure out her life’s purpose as she juggles a busy career, motherhood, and schooling. She believes this program will arm her with the necessary insight and skills to one day pursue a career as a detective, while also making the system better for both officers and inmates.