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Will the Identity of the Eastbound Strangler Ever Be Revealed?
Did an Obsession with True Crime Lead a South Korean Woman to Murder?
The Ongoing Search for the I-70 Killer of the 1990s
What's It Like to Clean Up Crime Scenes? Two Pros Use Social Media to Document Their Jobs
Nadia Malik's Mysterious Death Still Unsolved 10 Years Later
Interview with Gypsy Rose Blanchard on Discovering Herself in Prison, Meeting Her Husband and Her New Post-Release Life
Re-Examining the Suspicious Death of Amish Woman, Ida Stutzman, 30 Years Later
How Natascha Kampusch Survived Eight Years of Torment After Being Abducted as a Child
Do Polygraph Lie Detectors Really Work?
Was Caril Ann Fugate Really Charlie Starkweather’s Murderous Accomplice?

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