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The University of Idaho Murders: What's Helped and Hurt the Case
Why College Student Alexander Jackson Murdered His Family
How the Mysterious Murders of Two Girls in Delphi, Indiana Affected a Community
Why Did 'Amish Stud' Eli Weaver Plot to Have His Wife Murdered?
Serial Killers: 6 Top Misconceptions
Linda Ann Weston Kidnapped Adults With Disabilities, Holding Them Captive in a Basement
Why Alex Murdaugh Killed His Wife and Son—and Thought He Could Get Away With It
Conversations With Samuel Little, the Most Prolific Serial Killer in U.S. History, About Remorse & Forgiveness
Did Joel Rifkin's Childhood Turn Him Into a Serial Killer?
A Multimillionaire Was on the Run for Years Before Being Sentenced in Wife's Murder

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