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Are Violent Juveniles Doomed to Become Violent Adults?
Ellen Greenberg's Mysterious Death: Could Someone Be Capable of Stabbing Themselves 20 Times?
How Ashley Loring HeavyRunner's Disappearance Illustrates Issues With Investigating Crimes Against Indigenous Women
The Isdal Woman Cold Case: Mystery Over Her Identity Endures Over 50 Years
Exploring the Mind of BTK: Dr. Katherine Ramsland on the Benefits of Getting to Know Dennis Rader
Can Death-Row Inmates Donate Their Organs?
What Is 'Torso Killer' Richard Cottingham's Life Like Today?
Marvin Gaye: The Motown Legend Who Was Murdered by His Father
'Candy Man' Serial Killer Dean Corll: Renewed Search for Victims After Nearly 50 Years
Why Did Gary Gilmore Choose to Be Executed by Firing Squad?

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