Season 8

Stephen was raised in the crime-ridden streets of San Bernardino, CA. Some of Stephen’s family members were well-known drug dealers, and he remembers their house being raided by the police.

After Stephen’s father passed away, he was taken in by his aunt and uncle, who were probation officers. They helped him to stay out of trouble and get into college on a football scholarship. After graduation, Stephen worked as a Corrections Officer at a state prison, and at a federal halfway house. Stephen thrived in the environment because he could relate to the guys behind bars. He never belittled them, and they respected him for his family’s street cred.

Today, Stephen owns a successful private security company servicing celebrity clientele and is a happily married father of two. As a security pro, Stephen wants to assess operations and safety at Pitt County Jail. He believes wide-eyed COs are the biggest security risk to a facility because they can be easily manipulated. Stephen plans to abide by the street code and with his hustling mentality and sleeves of tattoos, the former CO is confident he can integrate seamlessly in order to fulfill his mission of making the jail safer for all.