Dennis from 60 Days In Season 6


Season 6

Dennis was raised in a violent urban neighborhood in Florida, where he was once threatened at gunpoint. The oldest of two kids, Dennis credits his supportive family and football career for keeping him off the streets and out of the system. Now a hard-working entrepreneur and model, Dennis is ready to see what his life would have been like had he not steered clear of drugs and crime.

Although he’s never been incarcerated, Dennis believes criminals live better lives than law abiding citizens, and that they should receive harsher punishments for their crimes. Dennis wants to prove that 60 days in jail is an extended vacation, not an incentive for criminals to stay out of trouble.

At 6’3″ and 200lb, this former pro quarterback is confident his size, stature and leadership skills will ensure him a high rank in the pod. Dennis will mentally and physically prepare for this challenge like he would for a career-defining football game. Unfazed by the thought of living amongst hardened criminals, Dennis will put his strengths to the test to help the Etowah County Sheriff.