Season 3 (21)

3 Seasons | 39 Episodes

Episode 1 Perfect Storm
S 3 E 1

Perfect Storm

Aired on Mar 17, 2011

Detective Sergeant Luddie Austin and Detective Kevin Searing are tracking a fugitive wanted for the second-degree rape of a young woman barely out of high school. Soon Commander Lenny DePaul and Deputy Michelle “Michy” Mendez soon join the hunt. Upon hearing the details of the crime, Michy becomes outraged and determined to make sure the woman, who was brave enough to come forward with her story, receives justice. Word on the street is the fugitive works at a business in the Bronx, and Michy stakes it out all morning. But it’s not going to be an easy capture. New info places their fugitive on the other side of town. To make things even more difficult, a torrential rainstorm hits the city right at rush hour, and traffic comes to a grinding halt. Though the Marshals are the fastest thing on the road, they have to rumble through fourteen miles of gridlock before they can nab their fugitive, hoping he hasn’t already fled the city.

Episode 2 Tommy's Nightmare
S 3 E 2

Tommy's Nightmare

Aired on Mar 17, 2011

It’s ICE Supervisor Tommy Kilbride’s 20th anniversary on the job and today he gets a case that will demand all of his hard-earned skills and instincts to solve. A convicted felon–expert in fraud and forgery–has snuck back into the U.S. illegally. Raising the stakes, new information suggests that the fugitive is engaged in a massive drug trafficking operation. Tommy briefs Commander Lenny DePaul, Deportation Officer Dennis Carroll and Senior Inspector Mike Romani. There are several leads, but it’s hard to pick out fact from fiction with their target; with his expertise in falsifying documents he could have any number of seemingly-valid identities. And if the fugitive is trafficking narcotics, he also may have lots of cash and be heavily armed. After 20 years in law enforcement, Tommy may be facing a manhunter’s worst nightmare–an elusive, well-financed and armed fugitive.

Episode 4 Chinatown Takedown
S 3 E 4

Chinatown Takedown

Aired on Mar 24, 2011

What seems like a quiet day at Fugitive Task Force headquarters suddenly turns when Commander Lenny DePaul receives an urgent call for assistance. Colleagues in Washington DC believe that one of their most wanted fugitives–an immigrant accused of viciously murdering his own family–has fled to Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. Lenny and his team, including and Deputy Dennis Tait and Detective Roxanne Lopez, jump on this fresh lead. But Chinatown is crowded, confusing, and conducive to hiding. It’s going to take all the Manhunters’ investigative skill to suss out where DC’s most wanted murder suspect has burrowed in. And as darkness falls over the eerie neighborhood, finding him becomes that much more difficult…and dangerous.

Episode 5 Punto Com
S 3 E 5

Punto Com

Aired on Mar 31, 2011

It’s a busy day for ICE Supervisor Agent Tommy Kilbride. After capturing a dangerous PCP dealer, he’s already searching for a fugitive known as “Punto Com” (“Dot Com” in Spanish). A computer expert, he is suspected of identity theft and wanted for being in the US illegally after being previously deported for wire fraud. Deputy Michy Mendez goes undercover in the perp’s suspected Bronx neighborhood while Commander Lenny DePaul keeps a watchful eye. Deportation Officer Dennis Carroll and Tommy, meanwhile, suss out the addresses of Punto Com’s old love interests. It’s two steps forward, one step back–each new lead gets them frustratingly close, but no prize. Finally, the Marshals catch a break. They hear that Punto Com is hiding out on the other side of town and the team devises a surprise early morning hit on his suspected apartment building.

Episode 6 The Ghost
S 3 E 6

The Ghost

Aired on Mar 31, 2011

Supervisory Inspector Greg Holmes and Deputy Dennis Tait don’t know it yet, but a cold case from Houston is about to get hot. In 1994 a Jamaican national allegedly shot and killed a drug dealer and made off with his drugs. He then vanished without a trace. But 16 years later, Marshals in Houston finally get wind of his alias. They also discover the fugitive has used the alias to buy a plane ticket bound for Jamaica, which leaves the next morning from JFK airport in New York City. The Houston Marshals coordinate with Commander Lenny DePaul, who dispatches Greg and Dennis to lead the hunt. The Marshals plan a simultaneous stakeout at the airport and in Queens, NY, where the fugitive’s daughter lives. They hope to catch their man before he boards the plane, because if they don’t, it could take 16 more years before they get another chance.

Episode 7 Scarred for Life
S 3 E 7

Scarred for Life

Aired on Apr 07, 2011

Commander Lenny DePaul hasn’t been back to his hometown of Utica, New York, in a long time. In this case, Lenny and U.S. Marshal Supervisor Joe Ciciarelli, Deputy Jamie Farrington and Investigator Bill Williams are hunting down a dangerous woman on the run after she allegedly slashed a former friend in the face with a box cutter. To make his hometown safer, Lenny and the Marshals leave no stone unturned until the woman with the box cutter is off the streets.

Episode 8 Moving Target
S 3 E 8

Moving Target

Aired on Apr 07, 2011

In 2008, a Dominican national violated probation and went into hiding and local authorities were unable to locate him. Now the job falls on the shoulders of Deputy Michelle “Michy” Mendez and the Fugitive Task Force. Because the fugitive is a career criminal, the longer it takes to apprehend him, the greater the risk that another victim will be robbed, assaulted, or worse. It’s a race against time as Michy and Lenny drum up leads to locate and apprehend their man.

Episode 9 One to Go
S 3 E 9

One to Go

Aired on Apr 14, 2011

Commander Lenny DePaul and Deputy Michelle “Michy” Mendez receive a prominent, “ripped from the headlines” case out of the U.S. Marshals’ office in Puerto Rico. Federal authorities on the island have completed a major drug offensive against a notorious gang with 71 people facing indictment. The operation, while a major success, failed to capture one of the alleged leaders, now believed to be hiding in the New York. Michy and Lenny waste no time gathering the assets for a major manhunt. Their target is rumored to eat lunch in a Bronx restaurant, causing Lenny, Michy and their teams to begin marathon surveillance.

Episode 10 Unthinkable
S 3 E 10


Aired on Apr 14, 2011

Senior Parole Officer Vinny Senzamici and his team make it their priority to find a level three sex offender on the run. The fugitive sexually abused a six-year-old girl over a two-year period; and almost certainly will strike again.

Episode 11 The Ruse
S 3 E 11

The Ruse

Aired on Apr 21, 2011

After committing attempted murder in the United States, a Mexican gang member is deported back to his country. Soon after, federal authorities learn that he has slipped back into the U.S., and the Marshals’ Fugitive Task Force is called in to track the convicted felon down. Commander Lenny DePaul, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deportation Officer Dennis Carroll and Detective Roxanne Lopez learn that the fugitive has settled in with a girlfriend somewhere in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. The team knows their target is comfortable in his hiding place, so they work around the clock, using covert investigative techniques to track him down. If they can find the girlfriend, they can find their man. But they must be careful–if they tip their hand, the fugitive may slip away.

Episode 12 Family Secret
S 3 E 12

Family Secret

Aired on Apr 21, 2011

Detective Roxanne Lopez has a full plate helping to clean up the crime in her New York City suburb when she pulls an urgent new case. A woman comes forward to tell Roxanne a heartbreaking story: her uncle allegedly had sexually molesting her after a family barbeque. And now the uncle (who’s also one of the area’s most prolific criminals) has disappeared. Roxanne seeks the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force.

Episode 13 Predator Pursuit
S 3 E 13

Predator Pursuit

Aired on Apr 28, 2011

Senior Inspector Mike Romani is in the Sex Offender’s Unit and is eager to rein in everybody that breaks the law. But for Mike, cases involving children are especially urgent. Dr. Michael Bourke, the U.S. Marshals’ Chief Psychologist from Washington DC, is in New York City to join Mike, Commander Lenny DePaul and a team of Marshals on a briefing of Mike’s latest case. The fugitive is a twice convicted pedophile and sexual predator from Georgia and particularly dangerous because he works by “grooming” or earning the trust of his young victims over time. Many of these cases are not reported so convictions point only to the tip of the iceberg of actual assaults. Mike has received word that the fugitive is in N.Y.C. In a chase that takes the Marshals’ team from the northern section of Manhattan to the industrial warehouse areas of Brooklyn, Mike is absolutely determined to find this sex predator before he hurts another child.

Episode 14 City of Troy
S 3 E 14

City of Troy

Aired on Apr 28, 2011

Senior Inspector Mike Woerner of the Albany Marshal’s office has a lead on a “Most Wanted” fugitive in upstate New York. Allegedly the suspect participated in an attempted murder–a drive-by shooting in Troy. Mike fears that the shooting was the opening salvo in a larger drug war. If he can apprehend the fugitive and put him behind bars, he may stem some of the impending violence. Commander Lenny DePaul is on his way to the Albany office to brief on the case. Lenny, Mike, and the Albany Marshals focus their investigation on the target’s fianc e. They covertly follow the fianc e’s vehicle, hoping she will lead them to their target. Instead, she travels all over town, forcing the Marshals to call off the tail. They then confront the woman directly, asking her to surrender the man she’s pledged to marry and prevent a drug war from exploding on the streets of Troy.

Episode 15 Gun Store Heist
S 3 E 15

Gun Store Heist

Aired on May 05, 2011

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, nearly 30 handguns were stolen after thieves broke into a gun store through the roof. The case made all the local news reports. When Supervisory Inspector Greg Holmes learned that the fugitives might be hiding out in Brooklyn, he called an emergency 5 a.m. briefing with Commander Lenny DePaul, Inspector Dennis Tait, and Supervisor Ed McMahon. Holmes suspects that the thieves will try and sell the guns on the street, so the team must act fast to secure the firearms. When Holmes gets a lead on where the fugitives are hiding, his team wastes no time in gearing up to apprehend them.

Episode 16 Ticking Time Bomb
S 3 E 16

Ticking Time Bomb

Aired on May 05, 2011

When Senior Officer Vinny Senzamici is assigned a parolee who’s on the most wanted list, he knows he has a “ticking time bomb” on his hands. He assembles his team and assigns the manhunt to his lead investigator, Officer Al Fernandez. The fugitive has a number of hideouts in Harlem, and it’s a building-to-building search as the officers interview family members and friends in an effort to find the hideout. After a security guard claims to have seen the fugitive mere hours before, the team follows the lead into a dark tenement basement, where danger lurks in the shadows. As the Fugitive Task Force clears the underground hallways, they think they’re closing in on their man–but actually the high-stakes hunt had just begun.

Episode 17 Deja Fugitive
S 3 E 17

Deja Fugitive

Aired on Jan 06, 2009

When Deputy Michelle “Michy” Mendez is tasked with apprehending the same fugitive for the second time in her career, the case brings back memories of her first days on the task force. Her target is charged with probation violation after convictions for escape and drug dealing. She gathers a team of Marshals together and works with Commander Lenny DePaul to figure out a game plan. But this old case presents new challenges when Michy and her team discover that the fugitive has children with nine different mothers–giving him nine different places to hide. Navigating the tangled relationships of one Bronx neighborhood to find her target, Michy’s investigative skills will be put to the test as she attempts to capture this familiar face once again.

Episode 18 Murder For Hire
S 3 E 18

Murder For Hire

Aired on May 12, 2011

Five years ago, state witness Kendra DeGrasse was found murdered in her S.U.V. at a Trenton intersection. Her death devastated those who loved her and brought fear to the community of Trenton. When a witness is murdered, no one wants to talk to police, making it even more difficult to solve crimes. Now, five years later, detectives have a murder suspect and need to locate him to prove to the city that innocent victims and witnesses will be protected.

Episode 19 Patience
S 3 E 19


Aired on May 19, 2011

In the Syracuse office, Supervisor Joe Ciciarelli and his team–including Investigator Lyn Fox and Deputy Julie “Jules” Gossin–are working the case of a dangerous and elusive fugitive, a man who once robbed a Burger King with a sawed-off shotgun. Now the fugitive is on the loose in Syracuse with many places to hide. Commander Lenny DePaul lends a hand to the investigation as the Marshals fan out across town. Unlike some cases, the Marshals have a huge network of locations and associates to check out, but if the fugitive gets word, he could slip away–or worse, he could load up for a violent confrontation.

Episode 20 Young Gun
S 3 E 20

Young Gun

Aired on May 19, 2011

Supervisor Mike Woerner and his team are hunting “Young Gun,” one of upstate New York’s Most Wanted fugitives. Young Gun earned his name because he always carries a weapon. When he walks into a bar, people walk out, afraid for their lives–and with good reason. Young Gun is wanted for murdering a man in Schenectady, New York, with an AK-47. Mike reaches out to Commander Lenny DePaul for help, and Lenny immediately assigns Detective Roxanne Lopez and Investigator Dennis Tait to the case. Roxy and Mike urgently pursue leads in the Schenectady area while Lenny and Dennis scour New York City. The Marshals must find the armed and dangerous Young Gun–before he strikes again.

Episode 21 Hot and Cold
S 3 E 21

Hot and Cold

Aired on May 26, 2011

Senior Officer Vinny Senzamici and Officer Jesus Dumeng start off the day by nabbing a parole violator who raped a nine-year old. Without missing a beat, they jump right into another case. Their next fugitive is a man wanted for violating parole on a manslaughter conviction. He killed his girlfriend’s eight-year old daughter with a metal pipe. After hiding her body for two weeks in his home, he dumped her in a lot. Though the body was never recovered, he was eventually arrested and confessed to the killing. He served a dozen years of his 19-year sentence, then ran shortly after he was released on parole. With Commander Lenny de Paul, the Marshals search for their perp among his family and friends in New York and Puerto Rico. Because of the fugitive’s serious anger issues and violent record, and the rumors flying around that he may be unstable and suicidal, the Marshals take all precautions to prevent “suicide by cop” and bring him in safely.

Episode 22 The Ex
S 3 E 22

The Ex

Aired on May 26, 2011

Supervisor Tommy Kilbride, Deportation Officer Dennis Carroll, and the ICE team are working a brand new illegal reentry case. Their target was deported several years ago after brutally assaulting his ex-wife, but has returned to the country and could be after her again. Tommy and Dennis, along with Detective Roxanne “Roxy” Lopez, brief Commander Lenny DePaul, are reporting that the fugitive may be hiding out in Spring Valley. Since Roxy covers that area, she’ll be able to work some leads. After interviewing the ex-wife, the Marshals are one hundred percent sure that the fugitive is in the country. But the woman has no clue where her ex-husband is hiding, and the Marshals become concerned for her safety. Lenny reaches out to an informant and gets a credible lead, but it’s not going to be easy. The Marshals will have to use their wits to get a bead on their fugitive, before he can track down his ex-wife.

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