Yonkers EMS

Patrick is a proud paramedic with Empress EMS. Coming from a long line of first responders, Patrick entered into the world of emergency medicine from a decidedly unique path. Prior to becoming a paramedic, Patrick was a professional musician. He played drums in bands across the country, but after 20 years of music, a fateful conversation with his father brought him back into the footsteps of his family’s chosen path. Patrick’s family includes a firefighter, a police officer, a paramedic, and a medical student. His father can boast a career that included EMS and Fire and ended as a gold shield detective with NYPD. Patrick’s mother and stepmother both had long careers as registered nurses. The call to join this inspiring family trend was too powerful for Patrick to ignore. He felt called to give back to his community and join EMS. Service is in his blood. Three years as an EMT led to becoming a paramedic in 2017. Patrick looks forward to learning, honing his craft, and continuing to provide compassionate care for years and years to come.