Yonkers EMS

Born in Queens New York and raised in Washington DC, Alex finally came back to Yonkers in 2012. Prior returning to New York, Alex explored many career paths, including being an English teacher, a business owner and an artist before she found her true passion in EMS. In 2012, while searching for her next purpose in life, Alex decided to become an EMT and went to work for Empress. When she began, Alex had no idea she was about to find her new family, unbelievable friends and her true calling. After a few years as an EMT, Alex decided to take the next step and become a paramedic, and in 2017, through literal blood, sweat and tears, Empress promoted Alex to Field Operations Lieutenant. Alex is the only female field supervisor amongst a team of 10 men, and she is proudly known to her team and the employees at Empress as the resident mom. Along with her supervisory duties in the field, Alex is heavily involved in Yonkers’s H.E.A.R.T program which helps to combat the Heroin and Opioid Crisis by providing support and rehabilitation for those battling addiction. Alex has also been instrumental in getting Empress’s Community Paramedic Program up and running. She supervises a team that works in tandem with the local hospitals to keep recently discharged patients from returning. Through clinical, emotional and social assessments the program is able to teach people about the best way to manage their diagnosis and in turn their lives.