Yonkers EMS

If Jamal had to describe himself, he would say he is a poet, warrior and healer. Jamal is Bronx Native spending most of his youth in the Gun Hill section of the North Bronx. From the age of two, Jamal has been training in martial arts with his father. During his teenage years, Jamal found his passion for the performance arts and began taking to the stage as a spoken word poet. Throughout his entire life Jamal has always desired to help people in need. He volunteered in creative writing workshops in correctional facilities and group homes and worked as a counselor for at risk youth. Growing up in the Bronx, Jamal witnessed and experienced accidents that left members of his community hurt. Motivated by what he saw and believing in each person’s right to fair and dignified treatment, Jamal perused a career in the medical field. Jamal always knew helping those in need was a calling that he had to answer, and he is proud to now serve as a first responder to be there for people on their worst day. When Jamal is not on the scene as an EMT, you can find him off adventuring with his three children and wife or perusing his other passions videography, martial arts and poetry.