Mobile, AL

  • Sergeant Kenneth Gillespie

    Sergeant Kenneth Gillespie was born and raised in Tampa, FL and moved to Mobile, AL in 2004. Prior to joining the police department in 2006, he worked on an ambulance in Mobile County. Before joining the Homicide Unit he worked as an investigator in the Robbery Unit. Because his love for puzzles, joining the Homicide Unit in 2013 was a great fit. “I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out who did it,” says Gillespie.

    Gillespie isn’t the only member of his family working in law enforcement. His wife can be found in the Sheriff’s Department in the property crime division. When they are not working, they enjoy spending time with their three children.

    In March 2018, Cpl. Kenneth Gillespie became Sergeant of the Mobile Homicide Unit.

  • Sergeant Stan Ladnier

    Sgt. Stan Ladnier was born and raised in Bayou La Batre, Alabama and joined the Mobile Police Department in November 2003. He worked as a patrol officer for seven years before moving to robbery and then narcotics as a general sergeant. When Ladnier joined the homicide department in July 2016, he knew right away it was the unit for him because they were very team oriented and took great pride in the responsibility of the job.

    Stan Ladnier was promoted to Lieutenant in June 2018 and then transferred to the ID Unit in March 2019.

    Ladnier is happily married and has two daughters, aged 8 and 10, and can be found attending and coaching their games in his free time.

  • Lieutenant Charles Bagsby, Jr.

    Lt. Charles Bagsby Jr was born in Mobile, AL. Originally he joined homicide as an investigator in August of 2006. He worked Homicide for five years. He returned to the unit in 2012 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2014. He became Lieutenant in June of 2017.

    Besides Homicide, he has worked in many different units, including, patrol, auto theft, public information, planning, youth services and training. Bagsby knows how important working homicide is, “At the end of day I am striving to bring justice and closure to families who are ultimately affected by the loss of their loved ones.”

    In his downtime he enjoys relaxing with his family and physical training.

  • Corporal Jeff Booth

    Cpl. Jeff Booth was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama where he worked in sales. After 9/11, he decided he wanted to serve the community and joined the police department in August 2004. Booth was a part of juvenile investigations for three years before joining the homicide unit in November 2014.

    Booth has been married for 26 years and has two daughters. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and golfing when he is not working.

    In August 2017, Jeff Booth transferred to the Special Victims Unit and has since been promoted to Sergeant. He supervises both the Special Victims and Child Advocacy Center details.

  • Corporal Nick Crepeau

    Cpl. Nick Crepeau was born in Tampa, Florida and moved to Mobile, Alabama when he was five. He joined the Mobile police department in August 1997 and worked in many units, including assault/sex crimes, robbery, burglary, and patrol. He has been a member of the homicide unit since 2012. He takes pride in the ability to bring closure to victims and their families.

    He enjoys being active outside of his work by running, fishing on the Gulf, and catching baseball games when he can.

  • Corporal Jermaine Rogers

    Cpl. Jermaine Rogers is a born and raised native of Mobile, AL. After finishing college in Louisiana, Corporal Rogers worked as a corrections officer in LA for one year before transferring back home and joining the Mobile Police Department in November 2012. There, he worked as a patrol officer for 3 years before being promoted to the Homicide Dept. Rogers says he enjoys what he does for a living because it helps to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement.

    Rogers is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching football, basketball, and spending time with his family.

    In July 2018, Det. Jermaine Rogers was promoted to Corporal.

  • Detective Glenn Barton

    Det. Glenn Barton was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He first joined the force in 2012 and became a member of homicide in 2017. Barton has worked in a diverse group of units, including, property crime, financial crimes, assault/sex crimes and as a hostage negotiator.

    Barton joined the force because, “I felt a call by God to become a police officer to make a difference in the communities I live.” He wanted to become a member of Homicide because he is a goal-oriented person who wanted to investigate the highest crime.

    He enjoys spending time with his wife eating out at restaurants, seeing movies, going to church and playing guitar at home.

  • Detective Jeremy Burch

    Detective Jeremy Burch has very deep roots in the City of Mobile and within the Mobile Police Department. According to his grandparents, “There has been a Burch in Mobile law enforcement practically since the city was founded.” Jeremy isn’t the only Burch currently in the force; his father now serves as Captain of the Mobile County Major Crimes Division.

    Burch joined the MPD in 2013, spending some time in the Narcotics Unit before joining Homicide in 2017. Burch is proud to continue the family legacy and serve the community by finding justice for the victims.

    When he’s not working, Burch enjoys the outdoors, whether it’s on the beach, on the water, or hunting in the fall.

    Det. Jeremy Burch moved to the Narcotics Unit in September 2019.

  • Detective Julius Nettles

    Det. Julius F. Nettles was born and raised in Mobile, AL. Before joining the police department in February 2011, he was a part of the Alabama Army National Guard as a Chemical Operations Specialist. Upon completing basic and advanced individual training, Nettles was assigned to the 690th Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Company in Mobile, AL. Nettles has been working in the homicide department for 3 years and is the youngest member of the unit.

    Nettles is currently pursuing his bachelors degree in criminal justice from Columbia Southern University and is happily married with three children. His twin brother, Julian Nettles, can be found as an officer in the Gang Interdiction Task Force for the Mobile police department as well.