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S 17 E 15

Inside The Tape Special #6

Premieres on Apr 26, 2018
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S 17 E 14

Inside The Tape Special #5

Aired on Apr 19, 2018

In New Orleans, when a man is robbed and shot multiple times on his payday, Detective Rob Barrere has a hunch this isn’t just a random robbery gone wrong. In New Orleans, when an eyewitness points out a potential suspect at the crime scene, Detective Nick Williams must determine if they have the right guy. When a man is found shot dead in his car, St. Louis detectives hope a local prostitute can point them in the direction of the shooter. In KCK, a feud between neighbors gets out of control and leaves a father of 5 shot in the head on his doorstep.

S 17 E 13

Inside The Tape Special #4

Aired on Apr 12, 2018

A late-night shooting in North Minneapolis leaves one man dead and another alive to help detectives identify the killer. In Tulsa, a late night party turns into a blood bath, but a Facebook video may help Detective John Brown dispute a suspect’s claims that he wasn’t there. In Tulsa again, Detectives must decide if a duo responsible for an all night car-jacking spree ended in the gruesome murder of a single father. In Tulsa, an innocent victim is caught in the cross fire as a surge of gang violence rips through the city.

S 17 E 12

Fallen Hero/The Last Deal

Aired on Apr 05, 2018

In Mobile, when a 90-year-old war hero is shot in the back, detectives discover his former neighbor may hold the key to what went down. In Tulsa, a young man’s future is cut short when a plan to make a quick buck goes horribly wrong.

S 17 E 11

The Girl Next Door

Aired on Mar 29, 2018

In Atlanta, when a young man is shot from 235 feet away, Detective Darrin Smith discovers an escalating feud that threatens to tear apart a neighborhood.

S 17 E 9

Rearview Killer & Point Blank

Aired on Jan 11, 2018

In Atlanta, a parking lot drug deal turns into a shootout that leaves two men dead. In Tulsa, an execution outside a motel escalates into a double murder when the killer spots a witness.

S 17 E 8

Cruel Summer

Aired on Jan 04, 2018

In New Orleans, when gunmen open fire on a porch – shooting four children and three adults – Detective Tim Bender turns to the community to help solve the case.

S 17 E 7

Devil in Me & Trail of Blood

Aired on Jan 01, 2018

In Tulsa, a man shot and killed when a stranger sees an opportunity too good to pass up. In Atlanta, an escalating argument ends with one man dead and the other in danger.

S 17 E 6

Trap House

Aired on Dec 21, 2017

When a man is murdered just before Christmas, his family helps Tulsa detectives search for his killers.

S 17 E 5

Endless Love & Out of Time

Aired on Dec 14, 2017

In Tulsa, an act of vengeance leaves an elderly woman beaten and stabbed to death in her home. In Kansas City, a young man with a promising future runs out of time to get out of a dangerous business.

S 17 E 4

Dangerous Company

Aired on Dec 07, 2017

A father gone missing turns up dead when his plans to evict a tenant ignite a murderous rage.

S 17 E 3


Aired on Nov 30, 2017

In Tulsa, Detective Leatherman tracks a sadistic killer who murdered the brother of a man who stole his truck.

S 17 E 2

Runner Runner

Aired on Oct 26, 2017

In Mobile, when a quick money scam ends in a double murder, a rookie homicide detective takes it personally.


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