Gwinnett County, GA

  • Major Steve Shaw

    Born and raised in Toronto, Major Steve Shaw always wanted to be a police officer. The son of two real estate agents, he was inspired by cop shows like Chips, and felt drawn to the exciting complexity of a job in law enforcement. Maj. Shaw worked in Robbery before joining Homicide in 2004. He is proud of the quality of people he works alongside and the ability to help the public.

    Shaw is married with two children, with whom he enjoys camping and taking RV trips. A seasoned fitness instructor, he also takes part in competitive Crossfit championships.

    Shaw is no longer in Homicide, but now leads the Training Section of Gwinnett County PD.

  • Lieutenant Matt Brookins

    Lt. Matt Brookins knew in college that he wanted to go into public service, either law enforcement or the military. Eventually he became a police officer, where he worked in the Robbery unit before joining Homicide in 2008. Solving crimes brought the satisfaction of locking up the bad guys, though Sgt. Brookins does admit that working in Homicide can be trying.

    He turns to his family as a distraction; Brookins is married with two sons. When he needs to unwind from police work, he golfs and watches his kids play little league.

    Lieutenant Brookins has moved on out of Homicide, and now works in the Bay Creek Precinct.

  • Sergeant Daniel Appleby

    Sergeant Daniel Appleby worked in production as a camera operator before joining the force in 1999. He worked in several departments, including Robbery and Special Victims, before joining Homicide in 2012. His work in Special Victims especially prepared him for the emotional stresses of working murder investigations.

    Appleby has two daughters. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, hiking, and fishing.

    In 2018, Sgt. Appleby left the Homicide Unit to become a uniform lieutenant in the West Precinct.

  • Sergeant Dennis Hennelly

    Sergeant Dennis Hennelly was an NYPD officer from 1997 to 2000 before leaving to work in the private sector. After realizing he missed law enforcement, his wife and two children relocated to Georgia, and he joined the Gwinnett County Police Department in 2006. Sgt. Hennelly joined Homicide in 2010, and returned as a sergeant in 2018. He enjoys the fact that every day is different and challenging, and that he has the opportunity to make changes in peoples’ lives.

    Working murder investigations has caused him to appreciate things he took for granted, both professionally and personally. To unwind, Hennelly spends a lot of time with family and friends, and watching sports.

    Sgt. Hennelly has left Homicide, and is now an investigator at Gwinnett County’s District Attorney’s office.

  • Sergeant Shelly Millsap

    Though he always felt drawn to police work, Sergeant Shelly Millsap started as a teacher and a manager of a communications firm before joining law enforcement in 2000. The Homicide Unit seemed like a logical step to move up in the ranks.

    Coping with the emotional stresses of the job could be difficult at first, especially with victims of circumstance, but he is proud to solve cases for the families.

    Millsap is married with three children. In his spare time he coaches his sons’ youth sports teams.

  • Sergeant Craig Parker

    Sergeant Craig Parker always dreamt of working in law enforcement. He served thirteen years as a Military Police Officer, and was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit within Military Police Investigations. He joined Gwinnett County Homicide in 2017. Homicide seemed like a natural progression for Parker, who enjoys helping others.

    When he’s not solving murders, Parker spends time with his family. He takes special pride in the fact that his son is carrying on his law enforcement legacy. Parker’s son-in-law, who was married to his oldest daughter prior to her passing, also works as a police officer.

    Sgt. Craig Parker is no longer in Homicide. He is now in the West Precinct for Gwinnett PD.

  • Sergeant John Richter

    Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Sergeant John Richter joined law enforcement in September of 2000 and became a Homicide Detective in 2008. He was driven by a desire to work through investigations and help the community. Sgt. Richter finds murder investigations to be eye-opening work. He tries not to take his job home and focuses on bringing closure to the families.

    Sgt. Richter has a wife and son, who provide a happy respite from the demands of the job. Outside of detective work, he enjoys fishing, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.

  • Corporal Jason Allen

    Corporal Jason Allen was drawn to law enforcement as a teenager growing up in a rough area of Monroe, Michigan. When he joined PD in 2007, he found that he liked the feeling of locking up people who had hurt others. Cpl. Allen joined Homicide in 2018, after a long career in several different units including Narcotics and the Community Response Team.

    Being around death can wear on Allen, but he uses time with his wife and children to decompress. The family owns a small farm with goats, chickens, pigs, and ducks.

    Cpl. Jason Allen was promoted to Sergeant and now works in patrol.

  • Corporal Michael E. Baker

    Born and raised in New York, Corporal Michael E. Baker was drawn to police work out of the desire to alleviate the burden of crime in various communities. After studying criminal justice in college, he felt it was his duty to make his community safer.

    Cpl. Baker joined Homicide in 2018, and finds great reward in the ability to bring justice to people who have been victimized. A long career in law enforcement prepared him for the difficult subject matter; Baker focuses on working on behalf of the victims’ families.

    Fitness is important to Baker; he spends his time outside of work exercising. He has two children.

    Cpl. Baker is back on the road at South Precinct.

  • Corporal John Cleland

    Corporal John Cleland became interested in becoming a police officer during college when he worked at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. His Fine Science coursework drew him to a law enforcement career, where he got his start in Robbery and General Crimes.

    In 2015, Cleland joined the Homicide Unit. Though not the most financially rewarding work, he finds investigations internally rewarding. Homicide can be an emotionally trying job, especially cases involving children or innocent bystanders, but Cpl. Cleland finds meaning in the ability to help victims’ families.

    Outside of work, Cleland has an appetite for outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking, and travel. He works part time in the bomb squad unit. Law enforcement is a family affair for Cleland; he has a brother and cousin who are also police officers.

    Cpl. John Cleland has left Homicide and is now a uniformed officer at Central Precinct.

  • Corporal Brian Dorminy

    Born and raised in Atlanta, Corporal Brian Dorminy wanted to be a police officer from a young age. He joined Homicide in 2017 after serving in the Robbery, SVU, and Burglury units. To Dorminy, being a public servant is not about the money, but helping others. He especially enjoys solving challenging cases.

    Corporal Dorminy has a wide array of personal interests. He is a fluent Spanish and Arabic speaker, a photographer, and spends his time hunting and bee keeping. Dorminy is married with two daughters.

    After working at the South Precinct for a short time, Dorminy returns to the Homicide unit as a Corporal.

  • Corporal Patrick Dunning

    Being the son of a New York State Trooper, Corporal Patrick Dunning was drawn to law enforcement since he was a child. Joining Gwinnett County PD in 2002, Cpl. Dunning worked as a patrol officer, and as an investigator in the Crime Suppression Unit and the Robbery and Burglary Unit before landing in Homicide in 2020.

    “As a police officer, we sometimes have interactions with the public on their worst day. When that day comes, there’s no better feeling than to be able to offer some assistance,” says Cpl. Dunning when explaining what makes him proud to be apart of Gwinnett County PD.

    When he’s not solving cases, Cpl. Dunning’s three sons and one daughter keep him busy. He also enjoys hiking, running and exercising.

  • Corporal Micah Hegwood

    Corporal Micah Hegwood is no stranger to life in law enforcement and public service; his mother worked as a correctional officer, his uncle was a sheriff’s deputy, and his brother is a firefighter. This background prepared him for the challenges of police work, and has allowed him to better deal with the intensity of murder investigations. He is driven by the prospect of being a part of the solution and making a positive difference in the community.

    When he does need an escape from the job, Cpl. Hegwood turns to his wife and three children. He also enjoys woodworking and working out in his spare time.

  • Corporal Shannon Kulnis

    Corporal Shannon Kulnis was inspired by first responders following the September 11th attacks. A ninth grader at the time, Kulnis liked the idea of “rushing in while others rush out.” In 2010, she joined law enforcement. She worked in the Robbery unit before joining Homicide in 2015.

    Though investigative work could be tough, especially when dealing with child victims, Kulnis took pride in helping others during their lowest points. She liked to be a hero to kids.

    Cpl. Shannon Kulnis has retired from the Gwinnett Police Department and moved to Alabama.

  • Corporal Dana Laney

    Corporal Dana Laney was always intrigued by Criminal Justice. A longtime puzzle lover, she liked the idea of putting the pieces of an investigation together. After joining PD in 2010, Laney worked in the Robbery and Special Victims Units. In 2017, she joined the Gwinnett County Homicide squad.

    Despite its stresses, Cpl. Laney is able to leave her work at work. Though this sometimes becomes difficult with cases involving children, she is motivated by the prospect of helping victims and their families.

    A former tennis player, Laney unwinds from investigative work through exercise. She and her husband, who also works in law enforcement, have two children.

    To spend more time with her family, Cpl. Laney is now an investigator with the District Attorney’s Office in Gwinnett County.

  • Corporal Jim Lawson

    Corporal Lawson joined Gwinnett County Police Department in February 2010. He started his career in the First Precinct, followed by SVU and Robbery, before joining the Homicide Unit in April 2019.

    Before joining GPD, Corporal Lawson was a Master Instructor at a martial arts school for 16 years in DeKalb County. Throughout those years, he had always been interested in joining a police force, and when the Police Academy called to see if he was still interested, he took that as a sign to jump in.

    A former tennis player, Laney unwinds from investigative work through exercise. She and her husband, who also works in law enforcement, have two children.

    Working as a homicide detective doesn’t leave Corporal Lawson with much time for martial arts, but he now cares for his body through stretching and meditation. He also has plans to teach his young children martial arts in the future. Corporal Lawson has been married for 6 years, with 2 sons and a daughter still at home, and a son and daughter currently in college.

  • Corporal Michael Poppe

    Corporal Michael Poppe always dreamed of working in law enforcement. After earning his degree in Criminal Justice, he moved to Georgia to pursue a career with Gwinnett County PD. In 2018, Cpl. Poppe joined the Homicide Unit. Solving homicide is a satisfying feeling for Poppe; he is proud of the ability to make a bad situation a little bit better for the people affected.

    Working homicides sometimes causes him to see and experience things that are difficult to forget, but he feels that it draws him closer to his loved ones. Cpl. Poppe has been married for eighteen years and has three children. When he’s not solving murders, he spends most of his time at his kids’ sporting events.

    Cpl. Poppe was promoted to Sgt. and is now working at the Westside Precinct.

  • Corporal Christopher Smith

    From an early age, Cpl. Christopher Smith was inspired by police officers on television. With a penchant for traveling, he studied Spanish in college and spent time at The University of Alicante in Spain. When he joined law enforcement in 2011, Smith hoped to change the public perception of police through helping others and bringing justice to victims’ families. Prior to joining Homicide, Smith worked in Robbery and the Special Victims Unit.

    The process of putting the pieces of a crime scene together is especially fascinating to Det. Smith. Focusing on solving the crimes allows him to move past the emotional aspects of investigative work.

    After a stint away from Homicide, Smith returns to the team as a Corporal.

  • Corporal Dallas York

    Corporal Dallas York grew up in a small town in Georgia, where his uncles worked in law enforcement. This inspired York to join the Gwinnett County Police Department in 2008. Initially, York worked in the Uniform Division, until he was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division in 2013. At that point, York was assigned to the Burglary Unit, followed by an assignment to the Robbery Unit. In 2015, York joined the Homicide-Assault Unit. York is proud to make a difference in the lives of the victims, and to bring closure to affected families.

    Cpl. York is married with three children. When he is not investigating cases, York enjoys spending time with his family.

    Cpl. York left Homicide to work in Internal Affairs. He is now a Sergeant in Central Precinct.

  • Detective Diego Galaso

    Detective Diego Galaso joined Gwinnett County PD in August 2014. He has worked his way through multiple units, and other departments, working for the Gwinnett Sheriff’s Office, then in Gwinnett County PD Narcotics and Robbery Units before moving over to Homicide in July 2019.

    Det. Galaso was always wanted to “fight crime” as a child. He became a police officer to give back to his community. “I take pride in knowing that I have the responsibility to bring justice for the victim and the victim’s family.”

    When he’s not working on a case, Det. Galaso enjoys time with his wife and daughter.

    Galaso has left Homicide to join the Aviation Unit of GPD as a helicopter pilot.