Atlanta, GA

  • Major Adam Lee III

    Major Adam Lee III is a 28-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department. Major Lee has served the citizens of Atlanta in various assignments. His experience includes Patrol, Tactical Street Crime, Investigations, Mayor’s Executive Protection, Internal Affairs, Assistant Director of the Training Academy, Night Commander, and Assistant Precinct Commander. Major Lee is currently the Commander of the Major Crimes Section.

    The Major Crimes Section is primarily responsible for the follow-up investigation of serious crimes, which include homicides, missing persons, special victims (sexual assaults and domestic violence), commercial robberies, major fraud investigations, and the Fugitive Task Force. The Fugitive Unit assists the entire Department in locating and apprehending violent and/or serial offenders who have outstanding warrants. The Atlanta Police Department Fugitive Unit also works hand in hand with the U. S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force and the FBI’s Atlanta Metropolitan Major Offenders Task Force.

    When he is not busy managing the Major Crimes Section, Major Lee enjoys fulfilling his bucket list by traveling to new and fun places around the country and abroad with his wife and two daughters.

  • Captain Michael O’Connor

    Hailing from Panama City, FL, Captain Michael O’Connor was drawn to law enforcement growing up with his father, a commanding officer for several Air Force Security Police Forces. He wanted to either join the Air Force or join a police department. When prescribed glasses at 16yrs old he made the decision “to focus on police work.”

    Captain O’Connor joined the Atlanta Police Department in March 1996 and began working as a patrol officer in Zone 1 and 3. Making Sergeant in 2007, Lieutenant in 2010 and now Homicide Captain in January 2015, Captain O’Connor “realized a lifelong dream in being appointed. I am now responsible for ensuring that this organization and city does everything possible to resolve these crimes and speak for the victims that can’t speak for themselves.”

    When not leading the Homicide Unit, Captain O’Connor spends his time with his wife traveling the southeast with their two daughters and their respective highly competitive softball teams. He was recently assigned to Zone 1.

  • Lieutenant Charles Hampton

    Originally a police officer in his hometown of Milwaukee, WI, Lt. Charles Hampton moved to Atlanta in March 2001 to join the Atlanta PD. Most recently a detective with the Special Victims Unit, Hampton happily joined Homicide as a Lieutenant to “supervise the best and brightest that APD has to offer.”

    Hampton chose the path of law enforcement to give back to his community and to make a difference.

    Hampton spends most of his time off with his wife of fourteen years and his two daughters, but he still finds time to improve his golf game.

  • Sergeant Daniel Genson

    Sergeant Daniel Genson is one of several supervisors in the Homicide Department. His parents introduced him to the world of law enforcement at a young age. They have over 40 combined years of experience working in the Sex Crimes and Homicide Divisions.

    In 1996, Sgt. Genson joined the military, and pursued a career in law enforcement upon completion of his service. In 2001, Genson joined the Atlanta Police Department, as a patrol officer in Zone 5. He was promoted to investigator in 2011, then to the Zone 1 sergeant role in 2013. In 2015, Daniel Genson was transferred to a supervisory role in Homicide Investigations. He considers it an honor to work amongst his colleagues, and he enjoys the comradery most of all.

    Genson enjoys the outdoors and running in his spare time.

  • Sergeant Anthony Gentile

    Having the “opportunity to do a little good in the world” makes Sgt. Anthony Gentile proud to serve in law enforcement. He was first drawn to the field by a college professor who was a Homicide Captain in the NYPD.

    In 1991, Gentile started his career in law enforcement when he moved to Georgia and joined Atlanta PD. He has supervised several investigative units, including the Special Victims Unit and the Criminal Investigations Department.

    Sgt. Gentile spends his time away from the Homicide Unit camping around Georgia with his four daughters and his son, to whom he lovingly refers to as “Mini-me.”

    In 2015, Sgt. Gentile joined the Commercial Robbery Unit.

  • Sergeant Cheree Herbert

    A native Texan, Sergeant Cheree Herbert began her Law Enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Dallas County Sheriffs Department in Texas. She relocated from Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 to accept employment with the Atlanta Police Department. Throughout her twenty-three year Law Enforcement career, she has maintained a strong work ethic and worked as Patrol Office and followed-up as one of the elite few female motorcycle officers. In 2001, she received Motorcycle Officer of the Year. The television show, Charlie’s Angels, was the springboard that launched her desire to be a detective. In 2003, she was promoted to detective and served in various assignments including Narcotics, Criminal Investigations, and Weed & Seed. Highly motivated, she was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2010 and has supervised the detectives in Homicide/Missing Person and Project Lifesaver Units for the past five years.

    Prior to working in Law Enforcement, Sgt. Herbert proudly served in the United States Air Force; she was stationed in Weisbade, Germany until she returned home to care for her ill parents. She attended Texas Women’s university and El Centro College earning a degree and winning the Ms. El Centro College Pageant, Ms. Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Pageant, appeared as a model on a hair care box top, modeled for various projects and performed as an extra in various movies. In addition, she was known as “Sparkle” in the Roller Derby league. In 1996, she self-initiated and solved her first personal investigation by searching and locating her biological birth family. Her favorite movie is “To Kill a Mockingbird” and she loves God, painting, and writing. She hopes to publish her first book.

  • Sergeant Scott Jimenez

    The desire to police the city he resides in drew Sergeant Scott Jimenez into joining the Atlanta Police Department in December 2005. Quickly moving up the ranks, Sgt. Jimenez spent his first years as an officer in Zone 2, the Red Dog and Apex Units. After making Sergeant in 2012, Sgt. Jimenez oversaw training at the Police Academy, the Apex Unit and Zone 4 Evening Watch and Crime Suppression Units before coming to Homicide.

    Working with his fellow officers and the great work they produce together makes Sgt. Jimenez proud to have joined the Homicide Unit in March of 2015.

    Sgt. Jimenez spends most of his off time with his wife attending their active children’s various activities. He also enjoys showing his son the ropes on the guitar as he plays blues and rock guitar himself.

  • Sergeant Raymond Layton

    Sgt. Raymond Layton knew since the age of five that he wanted to become a police officer. During his seventeen-year career, Layton has worked in several departments, from Patrol to the Special Victims Unit, before he joined Homicide in 2008.

    He believes Homicide “is the hardest job, because the victim cannot tell you anything. You work with the evidence and testimony from outside sources. It’s a challenge but that’s why you want to do it.”

    During his off time, you can find Layton rooting for his home state’s college football team, Oklahoma Sooners.

  • Sergeant Rob Porter

    Never afraid of a challenge, Sgt. Rob Porter got into law enforcement ready to face the struggles it would entail. A native of Roosevelt, NY, Porter has worked in Illegal Narcotics & Guns and the Special Victims Unit.

    In 2006, he was promoted to Sergeant and joined Homicide 2010, where he continues to face new obstacles and grows with them.

    Porter considers himself a minor gear head and tries to attend as many custom and classic car shows as his schedule will allow. One of his favorite pastimes is cooking meals for his family.

    In 2015, Sgt. Porter became a Supervisor at the Atlanta Police Training Academy.

  • Detective Summer Benton

    Taking inspiration from her father, an Atlanta police officer for fifteen-years, Det. Summer Benton joined Atlanta PD in December 2001 and has been handling hostage negotiations since 2006.

    Having worked in VICE and Narcotics before joining Homicide in July 2009, Benton felt naturally drawn to investigating murders as her next step. She takes pride in knowing she can help victims’ families in their time of need and make a difference in their lives.

    Benton volunteers at a guide dog foundation. The Guide Dog Foundation provides service canines to anyone in need free of charge. Veterans are a priority.

  • Detective Scott Berhalter

    Born and raised in Lockport, NY, Det. Scott Berhalter joined the United States Marine Corps in 2000, serving for 4 years. After 3 tours in Afghanistan Det. Berhalter knew he still wanted to serve and make a difference, so Det. Berhalter joined the Atlanta Police Department in October 2004.

    Having joined homicide in January 2015, Detective Berhalter is “proud to be a homicide investigator because it is the top level of investigators. Only a select few get chosen to come. It is an honor to work with the and learn from the other detectives.”

    Det. Berhalter spends most of his time off with his young son and his wife of ten years but still manages to find moments for fishing and golf.

  • Detective Scott Bowers

    Originally from Columbus, Mississippi, Det. Scott Bowers joined the Atlanta PD in July of 2004. He finds his inspiration in an organization that stands for honor and helps those in need.

    Before joining Homicide, Bowers worked in Burglary, Narcotics and the Field Investigations Team.

    Being an Eagle Boy Scout, Bowers grew an appreciation for the outdoors. He still enjoys hiking around Georgia. He spends his off-time with his wife and their two sons.

    Detective Bowers has been promoted to Sergeant and now works in the Field Operations Division.

  • Detective Tracy Casey

    Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Det. Tracy Casey has worked as an Investigator for her city in various departments; from Criminal Investigations to Special Victims and Missing Persons.

    Since joining Homicide, Casey has discovered a unique way of coping with the struggles of the job: she finds sitting in rush hour traffic a natural decompression.

    When not following investigations and sitting in traffic, Det. Casey spends her off time with her daughter. She also spends her off time getting in some quality time with her husband.

  • Detective Scott DeMeester

    Det. Scott DeMeester was born and raised in Amherst, NY, just outside of Buffalo. While in high school he started showing his first interest in law enforcement.

    DeMeester joined the Atlanta Police Department in September of 2001 after working in Patrol and the Child Exploitation Unit he joined the Homicide in March of 2010. He is proud that his hard work and passion for the job has led to him having a closure rate that is one of the highest in the department.

    When not on duty, Detective DeMeester enjoys unwinding with a round of golf and spending time with his wife of ten years and their two children.

  • Detective John Egbert

    Ever since watching, “Sledgehammer,” as a child, Detective John Egbert knew he wanted to be not just a police officer but also a detective one day. Joining the Atlanta Police Department in October 1999, Det. Egbert moved through the ranks and made Detective in 2007 with the Narcotics Unit. After Narcotics, Det. Egbert worked in Special Victims before joining homicide in January 2015.

    Always up for a challenge, Det. Egbert dabbles in programming and microcontrollers when not woodworking during his spare time, that is, when he’s not enjoying being a newlywed.

  • Detective Joe Golphin

    From Cleveland, OH, Detective Joe Golphin previously served in the Marine Corp. After five years, he moved to Atlanta and began working security at the CNN Center. While on duty there, he had got to see the Secret Service in action and soon began his career with East Point PD. After serving with East Point for 13 years, Det. Golphin joined the Atlanta Police Department in 2007.

    Det. Golphin has had a long career in various departments as Investigator from the Special Victims Unit to Burglary for Zone 6.

    Det. Golphin’s ideal way of winding down is spending time with his two children and listening to his vintage jazz collection.

  • Detective Howard Griffin

    Having a hometown friend killed is what ultimately drew Detective Howard Griffin into law enforcement. The satisfaction gained from helping others who have been victims of crimes makes Detective Griffin proud to have newly joined the Homicide Unit. “I know I have a huge responsibility in taking someone off of the streets that has taken a life.”

    Detective Griffin moved to Atlanta from his hometown of Rochester, NY in 2000 and joined the APD in April of 2008. Before joining the Homicide Unit, Det. Griffin was with the Special Victims Unit investigating crimes against children.

    To decompress Detective Griffin enjoys traveling abroad yearly with friends and family.

  • Detective Eugene Johnson

    After serving in United States Air Force, Det. Eugene Johnson was prepared to begin his career with the Atlanta Police Department. An avid cyclist, Johnson spent ten years with the Police Cyclist Patrol Unit before joining the Homicide Unit in May of 2013. He is most proud of his time with the unit, because he is able to bring justice to victims’ family.

    Det. Johnson is married with four sons. He enjoys relaxing at home and talking to his wife who works as a motivational speaker.

    In the Spring of 2016, Detective Johnson became an Instructor at the training academy.

  • Detective David Jones

    Detective David Jones’ passion for law enforcement began in his youth after witnessing the hard work of his family, who were committed to working alongside homicide detective in the LAPD. Jones relocated to Altanta to pursue Middle Eastern Studies at Georgia State University.

    In 2001, he joined the City of Duluth Police Department, in the role of CID Detective. He then transferred to the Atlanta Police department in 2007, serving as a patrol officer in Zone 2.

    Since then, Investigator Jones has been promoted to the Burglary Unit and Special Victims Unit where he sharpened his investigative skills. In 2016, he transition to Homicide.

  • Detective Adam Klein

    Detective Adam Klein hails from Upstate New York. He attended Albany State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s in History in 1996. In 1997, Klein moved to Atlanta to join the APD, which launched his career in law enforcement.

    Over the course of 19 years, Klein has gained an appreciation for working with the crème de la crème of the Atlanta Police Force. His first assignment was working as a field investigator in zone 3, which led to a promotion to the Crime Suppression Unit.

    Klein’s passion for justice propelled him to gain additional experience as an investigator in the Gang Unit, Field Investigations Team, School Detectives Unit, and the Special Victim’s Unit. He aspires to become a Major Crimes Supervisor.

    Klein is a proud New York Giants and Yankees fan. He enjoys attending sporting event and working alongside his colleagues in the Homicide Unit.

  • Detective Kyle Kleinhenz

    Detective Kyle Kleinhenz joined the Atlanta Police Department in August 2002 after graduating from University of Dayton. While watching the “US Marshals” movie in college, Det Kleinhenz knew he wanted to be in law enforcement. However, he has never chased suspect who jumped onto a moving train and is quite disappointed.

    Before joining Homicide in August 2015, Detective Kleinhenz worked in General Investigations, the Burglary Task Force and Narcotics Units as an investigator, He began his career as a patrol officer in Zone 3. Gaining the trust of his colleagues and community makes Det. Kleinhenz proud to serve his community as a Homicide Detective.

    When not working his latest cases, Det Kleinhenz keeps in shape weight training and bodybuilding. He also loves to ride his Harley, eat great food, and root for Ohio State Football. Go Buckeyes!

  • Detective Kevin Leonpacher

    Det. Kevin Leonpacher considered following in his father’s footsteps and pursuing a career with the military. However, when an internship brought him to Atlanta, he joined the Atlanta Police Department in July of 2002. He soon realized he had found his calling to be an officer.

    Leonpacher has always enjoyed the challenging nature of being an Investigator, previously working in Criminal Investigations and the Special Victims Unit. He joined the Homicide team in July of 2010.

    When he is not working, Detective Leonpacher likes to explore North Georgia with his wife of six years and their two young boys.

  • Detective Jamael Logan

    Detective Jamael Logan was born and raised in Grand Blanc, Michigan. As a child Detective Logan enjoyed getting to know what people’s problems were and helping to solve them. “As I got older, I always saw police officers on TV helping people with their problems… I decided I wanted to be like that and being a police officer might be my calling.” He attended the University of Michigan and graduated with a BA in 2002.

    In 2006, he moved to Atlanta to join the Atlanta Police Department. He worked as a patrol officer in Zone 3 until 2014 when he was promoted to detective and assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division in Zone 3.

    In January of 2014, he was presented with an award for his investigation in to cars being stolen during a major snowstorm. Detective Logan joined the Homicide Unit in December 2015.

    While Detective Logan loves the pride he feels working homicide, he knows that this is a job where you see the worst of humanity. He takes comfort knowing that as a detective he can help bring closure to the victims’ families.

    Detective Logan decompresses from work by making time to watch his football teams, the Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and son on vacations and coaching his son’s little league team.

  • Detective Andre Lowe

    Detective Andre Lowe is a native of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Growing up, Detective Lowe was inspired to become a police officer by his grandfather. “I always wanted to be like him or my dad.”

    Detective Lowe fulfilled that dream in 2007 when he joined the Atlanta Police Department. Before joining Homicide in March of 2016, he worked in Zone 1, Narcotics, Homeland Security, and the Zone 6 CID. He is proud to be a force for change in the community and being able to bring justice to victim’s families. When not working he enjoys spending time with friends and family.

  • Detective Kevin Otts

    Born and raised in Mt Clemens, Michigan, Det. Kevin Otts moved to Atlanta in April 1995 to join the Atlanta Police Department. Otts comes from a long line of law enforcement, including his grandfather, two uncles and sister.

    Before joining Homicide in November 2007, Otts worked with the US Marshals, APD Fugitive Unit, Field Investigations Team and Patrol.

    Det. Otts admits being surrounded by death can wear on him. He uses his humor, riding his boat, and supporting Michigan sports teams to wind down. He is quick to point out that he holds the title as second tallest in Homicide.

  • Detective David Quinn

    Det David Quinn knew from a young age that he wanted to become a police officer. After his first homicide scene as a rookie patrol officer, he knew he would eventually become a Homicide Detective.

    Quinn has seen it all after serving over 30 years on the force, but he has refused to become disillusioned with the job. He approaches every case with positivity and purpose to serve the community.

    Raising six children with his wife of twenty-five years may not have give Quinn much free time, but he still manages to find time to catch a documentary and museum exhibits whenever possible.

    Det. David Quinn retired in 2015, but later returned to Homicide to investigate cold cases and help mentor detectives within the department.

  • Detective Jarion Shephard

    Born and raised in neighboring, Decatur, GA, Detective Jarion Shephard joined the Atlanta Police Department in October 2002. Having the ability to make a positive difference in his community makes Detective Shepherd proud to be an investigator.

    Detective Shephard spent over eight years working patrol in Zone 1 then moved onto Zone 5 as an investigator for five years before joining Homicide this year. The challenge and being able to bring justice for victims and their families keeps Detective Shephard driven.

    When not at the office, Detective Shephard spends time with his wife watching his team, the Atlanta Falcons. They also enjoy cooking and going to the movies often.

  • Detective Cedric Smith

    Born in Greenville, Mississippi, Det. Cedric Smith joined the Atlanta Police Department in February 1988 after working at the Office of the Chief, Narcotics, Organized Crime, and Criminal Investigations. He joined Homicide in 2012 and is known as “Smitty” by his fellow detectives.

    “Knowing that I am able to bring some resolution to a situation that is a matter of life and death” makes Det. Smith proud to be a Homicide Investigator. Being around death helps him realize “how important life is and not to take it for granted.”

    When Smith is off duty, he still serves his community as an Assistant Boy Scouts Master. He also enjoys spending time with his wife of twenty-five years.

    In 2015, Detective Smith left Homicide to join Homeland Security as a Detective.

  • Detective Darrin Smith

    Born and raised in St. Albans, Maine, Det. Darrin Smith got into law enforcement to experience something new everyday. He is proud that he can put violent criminals in jail where they are not able to harm others.

    Joining Atlanta Police Department in 2005, Smith worked in Patrol, Criminal Investigations and the Gang Unit before joining Homicide in March 2012.

    Outside of work, Smith enjoys golfing, hunting, fishing, hiking and taking time to share with his wife.

  • Detective Dwayne Sutton

    Formerly with the US Department of Defense, Det. Dwayne Sutton joined the Atlanta Police Department in December 1996 and joined Homicide in November of 2010.

    “As one of the most tragic things a person can go through is losing loved one, and if that loss is violent, it makes it that much harder. Maybe, if I can answer those questions and help to bring a new normal to the loved ones, then that is my mission.”

    Before joining the Homicide Unit, Detective Sutton worked with Zone 5’s FIT and CID Units. He is originally from North Carolina.

    In 2015, Detective Sutton left homicide to work as a detective in the Field Operations Division.

  • Detective Calvin Thomas

    During his years of service, Det. Calvin Thomas has learned that each day brings a new challenge. Thomas’ father was a police officer for 30 years. His father taught him the importance of serving the community by helping people make better choices. Joining Homicide was a natural progression after being part of the Criminal Investigations Division.

    Det. Thomas looks forward to his days off on Fridays and Saturdays to spend time with his wife and young daughter. He might also try to squeeze in a college football game.

  • Detective J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Being an officer for over 20 years, Det. J. Thorpe, Jr. takes pride in making a difference in the community he serves. During his career he has worked in Red Dog, Burglary and Robbery Units, and, of course his favorite, Zone 3. The next logical step for him was working Homicide.

    Although surrounded by death, Det. Thorpe finds remaining professional and detached helps with what needs to be done bringing justice to the victim and their families.

    During his tenure with the Burglary Unit, Detective Thorpe received several “Investigator of the Month” awards. He also received a Unit awards while in Red Dog.

    Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Detective Thorpe creates illustrations on his downtime.

  • Detective Vincent Velazquez

    Det. Vincent Velazquez has always been fascinated with police work and deciphering complex situations. He thinks of the job as “putting the pieces of a puzzle together.” Since November of 2000, he has used his investigative skills to solve cases in the Homicide Unit and became a part of the Complex Case Unit in 2011.

    Throughout his career, Detective Velazquez has been awarded several times by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and APD for his investigative work.

    More than anything, Detective Velazquez loves to travel with his best companion, his son, Jonathan.

  • Detective Michael Young

    Since joining Atlanta Police Department in 2005, Detective Michael Young believes he has yet to work a day. “If you love what you do,” he says, “then it’s not called ‘work.'”

    Quickly moving up through various departments, including the Gang Unit, Young joined Homicide in May of 2014.

    In his off time, Young can be found searching for yet another taco stand to fulfill his daily cravings or playing with his dog. He is originally from Northern New Jersey.

  • Detective Brett Zimbrick

    Detective Brett Zimbrick joined the Atlanta Police Department in August 1986. He began his career as an officer in Zone 1 first as a patrol officer then joining the Field Investigation Team. Having worked as a Narcotics Investigator before joining Homicide in August of 1993, Det Zimbrick has seen it all. Yet he still brings his sense of humor to work every day.

    He uses that humor to cope with facing death after being in the Homicide Unit for as long as he has.

    Working as much as he has, Zimbrick hasn’t had time to acquire hobbies though he does enjoy taking a yearly trip oversees with his wife.

    Detective Zimbrick has been awarded by the City of Atlanta as Investigator of the Year.

    Detective Brett Zimbrick retired in 2016, but later returned to Homicide to investigated cold cases and mentor detectives within the department.